Correct reading of Quran helped him to learn many termolos. Cheshmat Xbeater Remix PooBon. Heif Ft Ashbon PooBon. Ashegham Kardi Hoorosh Band. Royaiee Siamak Abbasi 1.

siamak abbasi royaiee

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I did that because of my concern and interest in the concept of culture and its diversity. Khoobe Hale Man Siamak Abbasi. Kooh Siamak Abbasi 1.

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As a musician, writing lyrics, composing music, arrangement, and singing are my activities. Biography Biography not found! Also after that, he published other albums in the names of 14, Tasmim and Robat.

Immersed in music and poetry since childhood, I had a great amount of passion for music when I was a student and my musical taste, which has a direct impact on the mood of my works, was formed throughout the same time frame.

Persian Love Songs, Vol. Currently, along with studying Social Management Sciences for MA degree, I royaier working on my first official album which will be present soon. Ali Lohrasbi is from Tehran and he was born on April 9, Vaghti Delet Shekast Siamak Abbasi. To follow your favorite artists, you need to install the MrTehran app.


siamak abbasi royaiee

Beraghsaa Original Mix Mohsen Chavoshi 1. He was a Quran reader in his childhood. He is an Iranian singer and pop-star.

Be to Madiunam Farzad Farzin 1. Then Lohrasbi started his work by songwriting for children. Description provided by artist representative. Man Divane Nistam Siamak Abbasi 1.

Zendegie Man Babak Jahanbakhsh 1. The band was formed in by lead vocalist Tamin along with A-del as the rapper.

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Nagou Miram Shahram Shokoohi 1. His second legal album Shock took quite a while to see the light of day.

siamak abbasi royaiee

He is an Iranian singer, song writer, arranger, and actor. Abasi Arezoome Siamak Abbasi 1. This website uses cookies. Bemoon Ba Man Siamak Abbasi. He is the older brother of Xaniar Khosravi, also a pop singer. Engar Na Engar Ali Yasini.

Originally it was planned for release inbut was postponed. This setting is for better user experience and easier work with the website. Toro Doost Daram Siamak Abbasi 1. Tamoome Ghalbe Man Ehsan Khajehamiri 1.


siamak abbasi royaiee

Shabi Khosh Siamak Abbasi. Oon Manam Siamak Abbasi. Correct reading of Quran helped him to learn many termolos.