School Site Licenses are available. This disk space is released after you quit the program. If we donated a copy to your project, we’d have to donate one to everyone just to be fair. Initial velocity prior to ignition is allowed. This translates to 3 sigma distribution. There was a problem completing your request.

rocksim v9.0

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RockSim v9 Rocket Design Software Apogee Components

RockSim can help you build a rocket or aircraft of any size, then simulate its characteristics and other properties, such as estimated flight height and aerodynamic stability. I found it fairly easy to use. Newspapers eat this stuff up, as often they don’t have a clue what the planned flight will look like.

On a Mac, that would be in your Applications folder. This file can simply be opened in Google Earth so you can see exactly where the landing zone is so you can make sure there are no inhabited structures located there.

rocksim v9.0

For example, any margin of error in any of these parameters will change the flight trajectory of your high altitude rocket and where it v90. land: Someone gave me an older version of RockSim. I want to fly bigger rockets! About Us Our Mission Statement: See what it is, how it works and what you need.


rocksim v9.0

RS-PRO will export a data file of the landing points in the splash pattern. In your RockSim Program folder is something called: I’m new to Model Rocketry! Similar to Option 2, just forcing it to do it now.

This is a bug fix – it has been fixed rrocksim the most current version of RockSim. RS-PRO includes airframe tube effects for rockets flying at an angle-of-attack. Adding a motor can be complicated, because there are two data folders. I especially like the rocksim software.

RockSim Pro v1 – Upgrade from RockSim v8 or v9 – CD

Done manually, this can take a lot of time and effort. The most versatile epoxy we’ve every found. The most versatile epoxy we’ve every found. The problem with this rkcksim that you need to make complicated calculations and you need to test many prototypes before actually creating the final product.

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Click on the File menu at the top of the screen, and select “Reload Engine Data”. As I regain experience, I am looking forward to designing my own v.90 thru the program and knowing they will be stable. Get to Know Us. On Windows, it would be in your Program Files folder. Click Here to find motor web sites, and see a QuickTime movie that will walk you through the steps of adding a new motor into RockSim.


RockSim pro simulation are based on the Box-Muller algorithm.

rocksim v9.0

For nose cones, the formulas use the wetted surface area. Hopefully one day, we’ll be ready to allow each fin to be set a different angles of attack.

For V7 and prior editions: We also provide in-depth information about rockets, so that customers can make informed decisions about rocketry so they save money. There are 18 different variables that can be adjusted. These methods have worked for different people, so try each of them before contacting us. RockSim v9 Rocket Design Software.

The splash pattern is a result of randomness caused by the uncertainties that you input.