How Digital Signatures Work Digital signatures rely on asymmetric-key cryptography, often known as public-key cryptography. Do not set up a Virtual Directory for this folder as it might expose potentially sensitive information such as SQL passwords. X Viewer is just a little You have to use a username and optionally, a domain for an account on the server machine. For performance reasons, some customers may have separate Web Central installations for each connection type. You use the Server Administrator tool to create and maintain the administration database. MS Visio drawings on Mac.

igrafx viewer 2011

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The former will require user login, the latter should allow unauthenticated anonymous connections to see only approved documents. There is a security benefit to having virtual ifrafx Use the following account.

Igrafx Viewer Mac

If not, you may need to rerun the installer or contact iGrafx for technical support. The program’s installer files are commonly found as flow. MS Project Viewer for Mac. The Search Bar is then displayed in the Search window.

Setting this switch reduces the amount of space needed to display repository item relationships to other items. This provides maximum flexibility for making sure the check passes and that the check-in is valid, but also requires the most maintenance. It is recommended to use the lowest possible user rights. Author Gnostice Information Technologies. Repositories on Oracle Databases When you create repositories on Oracle databases, observe the following: With User Sign-In – Every time a user enters a name and password for authentication to a virtual connection, that information is sent between the browser and the server.


iGrafx Process Central Administrator Guide_百度文库

These components are installed on the database server or one or more computers that have network access to the database server.

If you want to link only to the data that is displayed in the center frame, first click the Maximize View button. To ensure annotation authorship is properly tracked, choose User sign-in or Pass-through web server credentials.

In public-key cryptography, every user is issued two related keys. This simple option restricts access to just the machines you specify and can depending on your LAN and firewall set-up keep information from being transmitted over the Internet. For more complete copyright information about iGrafx Process Central, please refer to the About iGrafx section in the Help menu of the software. Web Central works a bit differently, as explained in the next section.

Process Central Rights – If you choose Use the following account, then all users accessing the virtual connection have the same set of rights for the documents in the repository. See the iGrafx website for the versions of Oracle that iGrafx supports. Date Sep 15, Author srtviewer.

How these risks surface — and what preventative measures to take — depend on whether you set up your Virtual Connections to use User sign-in or Use the following account. In general, you do not need to use the more complex certificate management mechanisms, but it is good to know some basics.


SQL Server logins are useful for Web Central Virtual Connections that do not require viewwer in but are restricted to viewing only approved documents.

The Users page of the Process Central Server Administrator dialog box displays a table of users that are either from various directory services or have been entered into the database manually.

igrafx viewer 2011

Create and register repositories on a server. If you run the database upgrade and do not have these applications installed, some features available in the newer Process Central databases are not available for a given iGrafx document. Igrafx Viewer Mac related windows software. You can run the Windows program called gpupdate. When you use LDAP filters, you have options for traversing branches or subtrees, reading in more names than the default base filter sees.

When you access igxview.

igrafx viewer 2011

The Administration Database Each server that runs Process Central must have a special administration database that maintains the status and properties of each repository on the server. This allows Process Central to work in a Terminal Services environment with Roaming Profiles, but removes viewef built-in safeties that attempt to make sure no one checks in something from another user.

Additional iFilters may be available for download from third-party vendor websites.