Start balancing and well-being to relieve stress

If stress could be transformed into energy it would be the newest source of renewable energy richest ever. Stress is democratic, does not look into anyone’s face, and does not make class or class distinctions, either a profession or a role. Everyone participates, the more, the less, at this condition, who like a rouge file shares an entire people.

What is the stress we have several times to deal with, not so much from a scientific point of view, that we leave to scholars and experts, as well as from the point of view of the impact it has on our professional and family lives, so how can we remedy how we can improve stress management. Our body continually seeks to find stability at constant stress to which is subjected. How to say: If we let things go at least every now and then, if we were to spend some space and time, it would already be enough or at least a good contribution to our body to find some balance to which “of course” is brought. In short, in the end we are ourselves the first “obstacles” to our well-being, because instead of helping us to find this balance, we pull the rope as crazy and often we are even happy and gratified, as we feel overactive and productive.

I know it may seem rhetorical, but to the question where to start balancing and well-being, and therefore, to relieve stress load, the answer is just one: by ourselves. Easier to say than to do, you will tell. But not so much! The two ingredients of this new formula for greater balance are awareness and motivation. It is useful to know, therefore, that the physicist is literally gradually worn out by distress, gets older, is more exposed to illness, and makes less of what you think. In fact, scholars have shown that even memory and concentration decline in stressful conditions. In contrast, a proper dose of stress is certainly useful in emergencies and in general, of necessity because in such situations the body is like do pate in the sense that it is rich in substances. It improve and optimize our performance in order to achieve the purpose; purpose that originally consisted in survival, today more prosaically coincides with work goals and goals and the like. Okay, the important thing is that this hypervigilance and hyperactive is temporary. A little good, too much and too long, no.

The second element, we have said, is the motivation. We have two choices: either remedy unsustainable situations when it’s too late and we broke out and we cannot do it anymore, or choose as a goal, aim for our well-being, discovering that by slowing not only do we live better, but we work better and make more.

We as man have been programmed by nature to adapt to the environment in order to survive. Yes, but to what environment? To the one in which we have spent almost the whole of our evolution, today’s today! Over the last 200 years, from the industrial era onwards, man has been able to transform the environment and habits drastically, unknowingly. In fact, with our body, this condition is difficult to reconcile, to the point where it fails to adapt to office rhythms, appointments, commitments, environmental stresses. The little reassuring relationships that we daily communicate with strangers to the colleague of the tramcar or taxi driver, to whom we must, inevitably, take part of our security to bring us here and there. Not to mention the continuous changes we are subjected today: it is not time to learn to use a cell phone that comes out of a revolutionary. We had just come to trust with the pc, coming out of the tablets; we just made a subscription and we find that two months after our offer is prehistoric and there are ten new ones! In short, the feeling that everything is out of our control, so that we are constantly on the run to feel adequate is a standard. Very different from cultural contexts where a change took place in decades, not to mention changes that required hundreds or thousands of years. There, a little time to fit and take the right steps was there, what do you say?

We will resume the topic; meanwhile, a first step to improving is acquiring awareness that depends on us, only by introducing changes that reduce this burden, this constant pressure, which is “unnatural” for how we were designed in nature. Let’s remember: “It is not the fault of the target if we do not center.” Every excuse from now on is banned.

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