A Short Guide to Green Riau Kratom

Green Riau is a very different kind of Kratom and is quite rare. Since it is not widely available, there are only a very few authentic vendors who deal with the Riau strain. This is one of the primary reasons why not many people are aware of the existence and effects of this particular strain. Just like other Kratom products, the Green Riau also has a world of benefits to offer to its users. It is originally from Indonesia from where some of the finest quality of Kratom is obtained. It has been named Riau because it comes from the province of the same name. This province is located on Sumatra’s southeastern coast due to which this Kratom strain was known as Sumatra Kratom.

The Riau Kratom can be divided into two types; green and red and each one plays a different role.

Red Vein Riau

Similar to other red vein strains of Kratom, red Riau has stress releasing, relaxing and analgesic properties and is immensely useful when you wish to overcome anxiety, stress and any kind of pain. While Indonesia red strains may not be as potent as Red Thai strains, they can still offer plenty of advantages. The greatest benefit of this strain is that it is not bitter like others, which makes it easy for people to consume it.

Green Vein Riau

Another type of Riau strain is green vein and is quite different from the red one because its leaves have dark green veins. This color differentiation is mostly due to the different levels of alkaloids in the strain. The concentration of the alkaloids varies as per the color and this can also alter the effects they have. In general, the green Riau Kratom is recognized for its stimulation and energy boosting properties. Even in small amounts, this blend of Kratom can be highly effective and they keep on increasing if you up the dosage.

You can find the green Riau Kratom leaves in powder form or even as dry leaves. Typically, this plant is harvested from mature and wild grown rain forest. Kratom grows in large numbers in Riau rain forests because it has a good climate. It enables the alkaloid content to be higher as opposed to other strains. Some of the alkaloids in green Riau Kratom are similar to those in Borneo and Sumatra Kratom strains.

Apart from that, the green Riau Kratom is also sweet in taste and highly fragrant. Those who don’t like the bitter taste and the aroma of the herb will find this blend to be a good option. Moreover, the effects of this strain might be short and timely, but they are quite intense. Some of the effects this particular strain of Kratom can offer you includes relaxation, stimulation, energy, euphoria, sedation and boost in confidence, physical activeness, enhanced concentration, stress release and improved focus. The presence of a number of powerful alkaloids such as mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, Speciofoline and Mitraversene. Even a small dose can work wonders and do you a lot of good.