15 Things That One Loves An Anxious Woman Should Know

During the years when my mother was still getting used to bed, every night before leaving my room I asked her the same question: “Can you give me something nice to think about?” I hoped that her answer would provide me with a way to prevent my brain from wandering without control. Then I did not realize it, but it was the beginning of decades of attempts to escape my anthropogenic thoughts. And despite having suffered anxiety probably since I was a baby boy, it’s only in the last five years that I’ve been able to admit it and talk about it openly.

Anxiety affects over forty million people in the United States alone. And while some anxiety-related disorders are equally shared by both sexes, women are approximately twice as likely to suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks.

It’s difficult to explain how you live with anxiety if you have never tried it on your skin. But for every woman (and man) who fights against these disorders there is a large crowd of people around them who want to understand what it is.

Here are 15 things that anyone who loves someone who has anxiety should know …

  1. Anxiety is physical: Your chest narrows, your mind is blurred and you realize every effort you have made to breathe. When you feel like you have a small baby with negative energies trying to get you out, you become almost impossible to ignore.
  2. It’s sparse: One of the reasons why anxiety is so frustrating is because physical discomfort makes it impossible to think of anything else.
  3. Feel the anxiety in your hands, chest, head, eyes and stomach, to the tip of your toes and hands: It’s there and wants to get everything out of your body.
  4. Can be treated but not “cured”: Even after years of therapy, like any chronic condition, anorexia disorders require control. Treatment is more about giving people with anxiety the means to fight it alone, rather than making it disappear magically forever.
  5. Therapy, exercise and anxiety medications are all good remedies: But every person needs different remedies.
  6. Anxiety might be what makes us so damn productive: Deliver a late project? Cannot finish a job at the office? Do not go to an event for which we had confirmed our presence? Devil, no.
  7. It can be an excellent survival mechanism: This web comic that compares anxiety to a superpower well explains what I mean. Anxiety can make you more empathic, give you the boost and make you aware of the dynamics around you.
  8. We are talking to you very much: Mental health problems are still stigmatized, so it may be difficult to open up and talk to someone. Which brings us to the next point …
  9. We are not “crazy”: Delete this word from the vocabulary as soon as possible. It is linked to a long history of use to undermine women’s thoughts and needs. Moreover, everyone has its own problems.
  10. Let us cry just enough: All. The. Tears. That. We have.
  11. We know that what triggers our anxieties is irrational: Yes, we are intellectually aware that we probably will not die alone in a cats’ apartment, and we will probably not suffocate at this precise moment. But this awareness does not change the fact that there are things out of our control that make it impossible for us not to have an emotional (and physical) reaction.
  12. But do not make us stupid: Let the anxiety wave go away, staying at our side as it does.
  13. Sometimes a back massage makes everything go: And sometimes not.
  14. You are not the problem: We are.
  15. But we need your support – and your patience: Thank you for being here. it means more than you think.

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