Drink more and eat healthy foods like kiwi Zespri

The Kiwis become one of the essential fruits to include in our daily diet thanks to its supply of vitamin C, fiber or antioxidant to neutralize free radicals. One of the best-known brands in this field is Zespri, who has just released a new video under the motto “Let’s love the best taste”. Do you dare to see it more closely and know the fantastic gifts that we have for this summer?

Many times we mistreat our body in an unnecessary way in order to sacrifice ourselves for reaching the perfect figure and adjusted to the curves of the celebrities we see on the covers of magazines. All those diets to which we throw ourselves to obtain that sculptural silhouette or, simply, to appease the stress that persecutes to us every day denote that we love very little.

Eat healthy foods and love yourself more

Betting on the consumption of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, without sacrificing the animal protein or those caprices that we like to savor from time to time, is a way to take care of our own health and, ultimately, tell the world that we want. The kiwi is one of those allies that we must include in our daily diet to bet on that healthy life of which we were referring. Among other things, its contribution of vitamin C has a great antioxidant effect that will help us combat the presence of free radicals and, consequently, the premature aging of our own cells.

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Likewise, its content in vitamin C or ascorbic acid will help us to strengthen our defenses, greatly improving the functioning of our immune system. Also its contribution of fiber which is essential to improve our intestinal transit.

One of the brands that we recommend from our Health blog is Kiwis Zespri, whether in its Green variant with this acid touch, Sun Gold with a sweet taste or its organic models, designed for the care of our planet and our own Health. Zespri sends us the message of wanting ourselves more, betting on those foods that are healthier for our organism.