Are you anxious or feeling negative? Blame the brain

A lot of people differentiate the brain and the heart that most of us consider it this way: the brain controls the body functions while the heart is responsible for mixing our actions with our emotions. With the growing popularity of this belief, many are now mistakenly considering the two body organs to be responsible for whatever happens in our lives. However, didn’t you know that you could also blame your brain whenever you feel down, anxious and full of negativity inside? Well yes! Our brains can play silly games with us sometimes. And usually, it could be considered as the biggest culprit of all time. There are many ways to fight anxiety and for that, you need to be focused.

We all know that the brain controls all (or almost all) of our body actions whether internally or externally. It is so important that without our brain, we can all be considered dead… literally! But how does it really affects our emotions? The answers are found in the particular region of our brain called the IFC or the Inferior Frontal Cortex. This part of the brain regulates the thoughts and emotions that we feel every day (So yup! Our heart’s purpose is not to feel. But to pump blood throughout our body ONLY).

In the recent studies done by the researchers from the University of Illinois, it is concluded that a huge number of people that possesses a smaller IFC or Inferior Frontal Cortex than the average ones are more prone to feel anxious and negative inside. The ones with bigger or normal sized Inferior Frontal Cortex (IFC) tend to be more calm and positive thinkers on any given situation.

Moreover, anxiousness and negativity can also be linked to the level of one’s anxiety along with various cognitive disorders. These includes the following:

• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

OCD are the strange thoughts that flow through one’s mind. It may be similar to being a perfectionist as a person with OCD would obsess on the things they love and often triggered by the feeling that they must accomplish their thought in reality.

• Panic Disorder

Bad thoughts are created when we panic. Negative thoughts such as we are trapped, and there’s no way to escape such situation could just worsen the condition. Moreover, self-diagnosis through internet researching about a certain disease could also fuel the production of anxiousness and negativity.

• Social Anxiety

Examples of social anxiety are the thought of embarrassment when you began doing something in front of a crowd. You will start to think of the worst things that could happen, thus, creating negativity which could also affect your performance.

• Generalized Anxiety Disorder

With GAD, all the worries, problems and misery in our daily lives are the main focus that often could lead to a bigger anxiety and fears that one situation could result.

These reasons may be quite frustrating that you might think that there’s no other way to avoid the anxiousness and negativity that your brain could give you. But luckily, there is! With the use of Nootropic supplements, you could easily avoid the sudden tense feeling. Nootropics work by giving the neurons in your brain some protection to prevent further damages. Thus, strengthening its neuroplasticity and improving your overall cognitive health while avoiding the depression, anxiousness and negativity in your mental thinking and physical senses.

With its amazing effects, Nootropics supplements are now becoming a huge thing for some of the reputable celebrities and business owners around the globe and one of the popular ways to fight anxiety. This supplement was even called to be a smart drug as many have testified its effectivity in prolonging one’s memory, attention and learning capacity. So if you want an extra edge from others, include Nootropic supplements in your diet along with the naturally proven brain supplement, which is coffee.